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University of Cape Town student-run developmental debating league.


Township Debating League in Action

Township Debating League in Action

Township Debating League, a student-run, non profit organisation based at UCT, which runs the only developmental debating league in Cape Town, announced the launch of their new website. The site was developed by Interactive Media students Niki-Jay Bougaard,  Brandon Williams, Wesley Eksteen and Zintle Rayiza. The site will be used to host information about weekend events, platforms for online donations and ways in which the community can get involved.

The new site can be found at . It is a UCT-affiliated project operating from campus, run by a 14-strong student unit who make sure that their weekly training sessions, as well as weekend debating tournaments – all run at township schools, go off without a hitch.

Michael Marchant, the project’s incoming director for 2012 had this to say:

“Debating is a powerful tool for improving critical thinking, argumentation and the vocalisation of ideas. Through it learners are empowered with the ability to speak publicly and with confidence. Learners are also given an extra-mural activity that is both fun and educational and which teaches skills such as functional English, which are essential to job success both domestically and internationally”.

Township Debating League, or as it is more affectionately known – TDL, plan to use the site as a platform for increasing its online presence in order to attract potential investors and volunteers as one of its main expenses is the daily cost of safely transporting its volunteers to and from high schools in the townships, to coach learners. In addition, an inspirational video was filmed especially for the website’s launch to showcase the impact that the project has had on learners, some of whom are now recipients of prestigious international, academic fellowships.

“We see the website as means of communicating our ethos and mission to a wider audience: we take debating seriously, but we like to do so in a way that’s fun for the learners and the volunteers alike – we’ve realised that making workshops an enjoyable experience for everyone involved is the way to combat attrition and apathy”, said Niki-Jay Bougaard, a 2011 committee member.

TDL currently operates in 22 schools around the townships of Cape Town, as well as in two recreational projects based in Langa. For general inquiries feel free to email: or contact their head of marketing, Cingashe Tabata at 083 677 9411.

Township Debating League

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