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Are you someone who combines creative and technical interests, and enjoys logical challenges as well as creative expression? In that case, the production programme in Interactive Media may be just the right place for you. 

The programme combines creative courses in online media with more theoretical courses in Film and/or Media and Writing. The creative courses develop a strong foundation in both multimedia design and web coding skills. We start with a foundation in graphic design and writing for the web, using XHTML and CSS, with an introduction to ‘front end’ coding in Flash or Processing, and later move to server-based programming with PhP, MySQL and dynamic data driven sites). You’ll be taught to design and develop websites and mobisites (sites optimized for cellphones) and to conceptualise the unique opportunities and constraints involved in designing interactive user experiences. Projects include standalone sites,  online games and short animations as well as evaluating user experiences, analysing web traffic, optimising sites for search engines, as well as harnessing user participation through social media and Web 2.0-style ‘mash-ups’ and visualisations.

You’ll do well if you have strengths in programming and/or any aspect of multimedia design (video and audio production, graphic design, photography, drawing, cartooning, writing for the web, or animation). Please note that many people have often done well in the course without any kind of background in coding or much experience of

computers, as long as they have other strings to their bow – such students should plan to put together a strong portfolio focused on writing, music, or visual design.

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